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Countdown to your death with the Tikker watch

Tikker watch

If time is the most valuable thing we have then the Tikker Watch will show you how little of it you have left. The Tikker watch will not only show you the time of the day but also how many years, weeks, hours and seconds you have left to live. The Tikker watch is the brainchild of Fredrik Colting and has been dubbed “The Happiness Watch”.

tikker watch

So how does this work? The Tikker watch requires you to fill out a questionnaire where you enter information about your medical history, lifestyle habits like amount of exercise you do, your weight, smoking and drinking habits, family diseases like cancer or diabetes. You are then given a score and your age is deducted from that to predict your death day (sorry I could not resist writing that).

tikker watch

Now I am sure it is not that easy to predict the day you kick the bucket but the makers of the Tikker say that the watch is suppose to make you realize that time is too precious and valuable to be worrying about insignificant things. The Tikker watch is all about making the best of whatever time you have and is an overt reminder that your time is running out. You can preorder the Tikker watch on Kickstarter or at the company’s website for $59.00 and deliveries start in April 2014. 

So would you get one?