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Mission R: The worlds fastest electric bike

Mission R

Mission R: The worlds fastest electric bike

Electric bikes are not something you hear much about due to the amount of noise made by carmakers, but the Mission R is here to prove that the motorcycle industry is as advanced if not even further along than carmakers in using electric power in creating a seamless experience for riders.

The Mission R is a 100% electric powered bike built by Californian based company, Mission Motorcycles.  You will be wrong for thinking that because it is an electric powered motorcycle, that you will be buying a product that is handicapped compared to its petrol powered rivals. To prove the point of ite potential, two years ago, a prototype set a time of 1:31.3 at the 2.238 mile Laguna Seca Raceway, which is a time very close to that of a 600cc petrol powered Superbike.

The body is light at just 550-pounds and has a very narrow body for its class at just 30.5 inches. This narrow chassis enables the bike to take turns faster due to its 55 degree angle of lean, which is 5 – 10 degrees above that of other conventional street bikes. Mission R side view

It is also helped by the most advanced traction control system ever seen on a street bike. This system known as InfiniteDrive™ processes thousands of calculations a second and enables the bike to immediately put down its 120 ft/lbs of torque which is available from 0 RPM.

Mission R dash display

There are three power options available. First is a 12 kWh battery which has a 105 mile range and a top speed of 140 mph, a 15kWh battery follows which has a 120 mile range and a 150 mph top speed or, the top spec, 17kWh battery with a 140 mile range and a 150 mph top speed. All versions have a 0 – 60 mph time of just 3 seconds flat. The Mission R can be purchased from their official website with prices starting at $29,999 up to $43,949 depending on spec and battery size.

Would you buy one over a gas powered bike? Let us know what you think about the Mission R in the comment section below.