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Caterham Bikes division launched

Caterham Carbon-E bike

Caterham Bikes division launched

Caterham has used the International Motorcycle Exhibition (EICMA) in Milan to launch Caterham Bikes, which is the sports car makers first ever motorcycle division. The three bikes unveiled are the Brutus 750, Classic E-Bike and Carbon E-bike.

The Brutus 750 is a menacing looking dirt bike that Caterham is dubbing as the ‘SUV of motorcycles’. The Brutus 750 can operate as a street bike, off-road machine and with a 4-hour conversion, a snowmobile. Another cool feature of the Brutus 750 is that it is the first motorcycle with an automatic transmission and the first ever two-wheel SUV.

Caterham Brutus

The Classic E-Bike, which is an all-electric bike with retro styling that pays homage to the golden era of British motorcycling and racing. It has a range of just 40 – 80 km and a license is not required in the EU for a rider to operate it.

Caterham Classic-E bike

Lastly, the Carbon E-Bike, which is the top of the range and is inspired by Caterham’s involvement in F1.

Caterham Carbon E-Bike

Caterham claims that the bikes carry “Caterham’s DNA of British heritage, performance and intuitive handling characteristics, the new products will also adhere to the brand’s ethos of delivering ‘accessible fun’.

Caterham Bikes now joins a rapidly growing firm which now includes Caterham F1 Team, Caterham Racing (GP2), Caterham Technology Innovation, Caterham Composites and Caterham Moto racing Team. All three bikes are currently in their prototype stages but Caterham has said that they will all go on sale spring 2014 and will be priced affordably. Which one are you looking forward to the most?

There has been some controversy in regards to the statement on Caterham's press release about the Brutus 750 being the  "the first motorcycle with an automatic transmission". It has been pointed out that there are bikes like the Honda VFR1200 that have DSG automatic transmissions along with others, so we have reached out to the press department of Caterham and we will keep you updated once we have been provided with a response.

Caterham has responded saying that it was an error on their part and they apologise for making such a bold statement